Rocketmailer Features

Rocketmailer is packed with functionality to give you a complete email marketing and multi-channel communication platform

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Email Marketing

Create and manage bulk email and newsletter campaigns with ease.
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SMS Marketing

Run personalised SMS campaigns, delivering timely, relevant messaging.
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Transactional Messages

Automate personalised, system-generated transactional email and SMS.

Voice Broadcasting

Send recorded messages to your subscribers as direct phone calls.

Subscription Forms

Capture user info and grow your database with compliant subscription forms.
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Landing Pages

Increase online conversion with customised, on-brand landing pages.
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Push Notifications

Send messages from your business to your subscribers via a web browser.
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Analytics & Reporting

Gain essential campaign insights by tracking every recipient interaction.
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Software Integrations

Keep your database and messaging accurate with CRM and ERP integrations.

Email Marketing

Create, manage and monitor professional bulk email marketing campaigns that stand out from the crowd. Our email newsletter templates and intuitive drag-and-drop builder make design quick and easy.

Engage your audiences with personalised, dynamic content – your most relevant products, events, news and promotions – and easily target, schedule and automate your email newsletter campaigns. 

Our advanced reporting and analytics track every recipient interaction and give you essential insights into campaign performance.

Key features include:

rocketmailer drag and drop email marketing feature
dynamic content

Additional features:

SMS Marketing

Rocketmailer enables you to run personalised SMS marketing campaigns using the same platform that you use for your email marketing. Customise, target and automate SMS campaigns to reach the right recipients with the most relevant messaging at just the right time.

Our SMS reporting tracks every recipient interaction to give you valuable insights into your SMS campaigns performance.

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Transactional Messages

With Rocketmailer you can automatically trigger, personalise, and track high volumes of transactional messaging relating to client engagements via a RESTful API or SMTP relay.

For most businesses this is essential as it enables software to communicate with customers for business-critical messaging via transactional email and transactional SMS. Examples include:

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push notification
Invoices, statements
& payslips
One-time-pins (OTPs)
transactional messages

Key features:

Rocketmailer uses dedicated IP addresses to deliver your emails

Voice Broadcasting

Send a clear, consistent recorded message to your subscribers as a direct phone call at the click of a button.

This is only available for South Africa recipients. Other countries can be explored on a case-by-case basis.

You can use voice messaging for:


voice broadcasting

Subscription Forms

With our intuitive drag-and-drop builder, you can easily create engaging, compliant subscription forms to capture user information and grow your database. 

newsletter subscription form

Effective subscription forms are an essential tool for your business which you can use to:

Landing Pages

Create eye-catching, engaging landing pages that are focused on conversion. With our drag-and-drop builder you can easily customise landing page templates so they match your brand and display perfectly on any device.

Designed to help you achieve specific goals, with compelling content and calls-to-action, landing pages are the ideal platform for:

Thank you pages
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New product adverts
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RSVP confirmation pages
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Time-sensitive information
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Ebook/White Paper downloads

Design and deliver email newsletters that display on every device

Push Notifications

Push notifications are clickable messages you send to your subscribers via a web browser. 

Direct your subscribers from almost any device to a URL of your choice with messages including:

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Analytics and reporting

Track every interaction. Measure campaign success. Optimise marketing performance.

Measure campaign effectiveness and optimise marketing performance with Rocketmailer’s real-time tracking, advanced analytics and in-depth reporting.

You’ll spend less time crunching numbers and more time using our analytics insights to plan powerful campaigns that boost your ROI.

email marketing analytics and reporting
Transactional SMS Email
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Forwards - -
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Complaints - -
Device Used - -
Click heatmaps - -

Software Integrations

Use our CRM and ERP integrations and pre-built APIs to keep your database accurate and messaging on target.
Rocketmailer’s powerful API integrates with your system as you see fit and enables:
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Platform integrations
Sync contacts between platforms and target contacts automatically with relevant, responsive communication journeys.
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CRM & other data sources
Integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Dynamics 365, Zendesk Sell, Pipedrive and Salesforce, as well as Google Docs.
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Retail or eCommerce store integrations
Sync your retail and ecommerce store with Rocketmailer to automatically update shoppers on order progress via email, SMS, or voice broadcasts.

We have various pricing packages to suit all sending needs.