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Rocketmailer Email Marketing Software FAQ

  • No, the system keeps a record to ensure that clients can prove an unsubscribe via the Activity Log and remain compliant.
  • Not necessarily. When a contact unsubscribes, they unsubscribe from the list they are in.
  • However, you can request a Global Account rule that when a contact unsubscribes that they are unsubscribed from all lists.
  • In the footer of the email, there is a “report it here” option.
  •  If the contact feels that the email, they received is unsolicited, they can report it.
  •  Rocketmailer received and monitors these complaints.
  • A contact that complains will automatically be switched off from all lists.
  • No! Rocketmailer keeps the record for you in the contacts activity log. It will tell you when a contact unsubscribed or when they were turned off.
  • This log also shows that no other communications was sent after the contact unsubscribed or was turned off.
  •  If you delete the contact, you delete the record and activity log.
  • Should you need to prove that the contact did indeed unsubscribe, and you did not send further communications, you will no longer have this proof.
  • Only if you have explicit consent from the contact.
  •  You can contact the Rocketmailer team, with the consent and request that the contact be reactivated based on the consent given.
  • The client is the responsible party for their database.
  • Rocketmailer is a fully POPI compliant tool, but if a contact complains that they have not given permission/did not sign up, the client must be able to prove how they received consent from the contact.
  • Written consent
  • Digital form submission
  • Verbal – must be legally recorded.
  • Subscription forms.
  • These forms can be embedded on to your website or you can use the hosted URL to link CTA on your standard business one to one email, Social media platforms or any other digital entry point.